'Tokyo Cosmo' short animated movie

Tokyo Cosmo (東京コスモ) is an independent short animated film, presented as one of the Audience Choice entries at this year’s 17th TBS DigiCon6 Asia Awards. It was directed by Takahiro Miyauchi, who also created the graphics and animation. The story was written by Takuya Okada.

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Halloween in Shibuya 2015

In Tokyo, every year for Halloween, the Shibuya district becomes the center stage for crazy costume street parties. What was it like this year? Watch the video to find out.

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Japanese company develops 'WalkCar' pocket-sized personal transporter

Japanese company Cocoa Motors has developed what it calls the world’s first ‘car in a bag’.

WalkCar (ウォーカー), a lithium battery-powered personal transporter, is small enough to be carried in a backpack and looks more like a rectangular skateboard rather than a car. It’s made of aluminum, can take loads up to 120 kilograms, and weighs between 2 and 3 kilograms, depending on whether it’s an indoor or outdoor version.

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How to Make Japanese Kobumaki

Kobumaki (kelp roll) is a super healthy traditional Japanese New Year’s dish. Watch our video recipe to see how it’s made!

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Meet 'Chibatman', Japan's Real-Life Batman

In Japan, there exists a real-life Dark Knight. Chibatman, as they call him, can usually be spotted flying through the streets in Chiba Prefecture just next to Tokyo on his three-wheeled self-customized vehicle Chibatpod.

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Japanese man promotes peace with free hugs in Asia

If you know YouTube, you know ‘free hugs’. The Free Hug movement that started several years ago by an Australian has since spread across the globe.

Over the past three years, a Japanese man named Koichi Kuwabara has been distributing free hugs across East Asia. His mission is clear: to promote peace between Japan and its neighbors.

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Japanese marriage application gets a makeover

Who says official documents have to be boring? A Japanese online shop Konintodoke came up with an idea to give a design makeover to the standard (and lifeless) marriage application. They offer a large selection of over 100 designs for every taste.

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Beautiful panoramic view of old Tokyo 150 years ago

In feudal Japan, about 150 years ago, when the shoguns still ruled the country, an Italian-British photographer Felice Beato created a panoramic view of old Tokyo (or Edo, as it was called back then). For the location, he chose the top of a 25.7-meter hill called Atagoyama in what’s today Tokyo’s Minato Ward. The panorama, composed of five individual shots, is from either 1865 or 1866, near the very end of the Edo Period.

Black & white version:

Source: Wikimedia Commons

(Click the photo to enlarge)

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Japanese politicians speaking to empty audience

Japanese general elections will be held on December 14 and politicians are busy making public speeches across the country.

Some of them appear to be quite lonely, though. We came across a few photos of politicians giving speeches to — nobody, it seems. Kind of looks like they’re rehearsing karaoke out there on the street. You might be surprised who they are.

Democratic Party Secretary General Yukio Edano:

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How to prepare fried shrimp in 3 seconds

Fried shrimp in 3 seconds? You bet! It takes a lot of creativity to do it, though. Watch this cooking show from Japan:

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