'Isetan-Tan-Tan' promotional video for Japanese department store

Isetan, a major Japanese department store with locations around the world, has produced a new promotional video where about 500 staff members dance to “Isetan-tan-tan”, the store’s official song.

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Gamers dig the new Puyo Puyo Tetris colorful gum candy

Puyo Puyo Tetrisugumi (ぷよぷよテトリスグミ) is new gum candy that has just started selling in Japan this week. The candy was launched in collaboration with Sega and features characters from Sega’s newly released Puyo Puyo Tetris video game. The small bag comes with edible tetromino pieces in 6 different fruit flavors.

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10 stunning LEGO sculptures by a Japanese artist

Japanese artist and graphic designer, Sachiko Akinaga, is an expert LEGO sculptor. She can make the little plastic bricks truly come to life! Here are some of her creations.

“Block Party”, made for The New York Times Style Magazine with about 15,000 pieces in 11 days.

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How to survive cold winter using only a single sweater

This year’s ferocious winter has brought some record low temperatures across much of Japan. How do you survive in such coldness? Mr. Sebuyama, a blogger at Japanese humor site Omocoro, came up with an ingenious idea on how to keep yourself warm in a very cheap way without having to spend a single yen on electricity. All you need is one sweater and nothing else! (Oh wait, you might need a bit of courage if you want to do this in public, though).

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15 funny pictures of Japanese high school students with too much imagination

How do Japanese high school students entertain themselves between tests and homework?

1. Climbing the locker tower.

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Terrifying moments of the 3/11 Japan earthquake

Many videos exist of the Great East Japan Earthquake that struck the country on March 11, 2011. This video showing raw footage from various areas in northeastern Japan is one of the most horrifying. The video was published on YouTube by a Japanese residential construction company DAISHU Corporation.


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Colorful latte art too awesome to drink

Belcorno, an Italian restaurant from Ichinomiya City in Japan, serves its customers cups of coffee that look like true works of art.

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Fascinating paintings of life in Tokyo in the 19th century

Over 120 years ago, near the end of the 19the century, when foreign visitors were a very rare sight in Japan, an American painter who was fascinated with Japanese culture travelled to Japan and created a series of vibrant paintings and sketches of scenes and people he saw in the country.

These paintings of old Tokyo from over 120 years ago are the work of Robert Frederick Blum.

Blum became very interested in Japanese art and culture after visiting the 1876 Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Eventually, he travelled to Japan in 1890 where he stayed for three years during which he created the paintings.

“The Candy Seller”

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'Nyan Nyan Nouveau' wine for cats

Wine for cats? Yes, it exists. In Japan. B&H Lifes, a Japanese pet supplier, has launched a new wine just for cats, luxuriously named Nyan Nyan Nouveau (‘nyan’ is ‘meow’ in Japanese).

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Cute Japanese marshmallow cats

Japanese specialty shop Yawahada (やわはだ) sells lovely cat-themed marshmallows. The shop is located in Nagano Prefecture and currently ships only to Japan but it looks like there’s a lot of demand to start shipping overseas. You can reach Yawahada via their website or Facebook page.

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