Weird Japanese inventions that never took off

Let’s start a new week with humor! It’s no secret that Japanese always try to come up with some new gadgets and devices that would make our life easier (or more difficult).

Below is a collection of some of these ingenious Japanese inventions from the end of the past millennium that never became quite popular.

Special cost-effective 360-degree panoramic camera.

Useful 10-in-1 tool kit for gardening.

Ear enhancer.

Rain water collection device.

Shoe protectors for rain.

Tissue dispenser.

Umbrella holder.

Solar-powered cigarette lighter.

Protective mask for easier lipstick application.

Tie with pockets for office supplies.

Ear cleaning device with built-in miniature video camera.

Helmet to prevent head from tilting while sleeping on train. The message board shows the station name for people to wake you up on time.

Floor cleaning mop.

Hair protector to be worn while eating.

Cooling fan for noodles.

Tripod to hold the head while sleeping on train.

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  • David

    Some of those items if marketed right could be quite useful items

  • ryan

    lol baby mop XD put them to use

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  • Landbasemarc

    japanese really great i experience it when i was in japan for almost 19 years

  • Usagikitsune

    I got quite a good laugh from this. The ideas were quite good even if the practical wasn’t. I can see how some could be seen as useful.

  • sebastin anto

    invention plays important role in everybodys life like this

  • heyo






  • Megan Parker

    hahahahaha love the baby mop, just need a stick there lol

  • Kiara

    Even though these look stupid i can see the point of them

  • matsuko

    How I miss Japan! This is where my national pride rise… the helmet is so great, you know why if you have ever been in train in Tokyo!