Nov 3, 2010

Impressive miniature architecture of Ichiyoh Haga

Take a look at some of these fine pictures:

Even though these buildings seem fairly realistic, they are actually miniature models built by a Japanese artisan Ichiyoh Haga.

Haga, who was born in 1948 and lives and works in Tokyo, began creating three dimensional miniature art in 1995 after running his own chain of women’s clothing stores, which were affected by the recession that rocked the Japanese economy during the nineties.

His first project, a small wooden model of a Japanese railroad office — smaller than a cigarette box — was constructed while killing time at work due to declining economy. (Who says crises aren’t a chance for new ideas?)

Soon people noticed his work and in 1996, his first exhibition was held at Parco, a big Japanese department store. At present, he has held over 45 exhibitions in Japan and elsewhere.

If you want to see more of his art, Ichiyoh Haga’s official web site features a lot of pictures of his miniature architectural models and other information.

Ichiyoh Haga working in his studio in Tokyo.

One response to “Impressive miniature architecture of Ichiyoh Haga”

  1. Brad Sommers says:

    Masterful weathering technique! These works convey a contemplative mood reminiscent of traditional Zen art.

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