Dec 27, 2010

Bakery in Japan sells edible iPhone cookies

Attention, smartphone users: here comes a new generation of iPhone — now in a version that you can eat.

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Except that this time the edible iPhone didn’t fall from the apple tree but from Green Gables Sweets & Cafe, a Japanese bakery in the town of Aizumi in Tokushima Prefecture. The mobile cookies, which are sized almost the same as the real iPhone, are made of chocolate base and decorated with cute icons in tasty colorful icing.

Kumiko Kudo, the owner of the bakery, says the idea came from a customer two years ago who asked her to make an iPod look-a-like biscuit for a birthday present. Kudo mistook the device for an iPhone which had just come out at the time, and the edible iPhone was born.

The news about the biscuits spread quickly via Twitter this year and since then orders have been pouring in. At an event at Softbank, Japanese telecommunications giant, Kudo handed one of the cookies to Masayoshi Son, the company president, who was delighted and said he couldn’t possibly eat it.

Green Gables bakery sells edible iPhone for 2730 Yen a piece, which is about $32 or 25 EUR.


Kumiko Kudo on Twitter:

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