Dec 18, 2010

Top 10 most watched videos on YouTube Japan in 2010

What did Japanese watch on YouTube this year? YouTube REWIND 2010 has recently released a list of 10 most watched videos on YouTube Japan for the year 2010 and here are the results:

1. GLAMOROUS photoshoot with Erika Sawajiri. Erika Sawajiri, Japanese actress, singer and model, is best known from commercials, movies and TV dramas such as 1 Litre of Tears, Closed Note, Tegami, Song to the Sun and others.

2. Exercise routine Radio Taiso 4. This video is take by sportswear maker Reebok Japan on NHK’s exercise routine that’s broadcasted on Japanese TV every morning. The idea is part of Reebok’s Taikan campaign, a concept that says one can improve athletic performance with better posture.

3. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for PSP video presentation. The latest installment in the hugely popular game franchise Monster Hunter by Capcom has been released in Japan on December 1st of this year.

4. Cute Dreaming Kitty (Original). Kawaii kitty videos, especially ones with fur scratching, always get a lot of attention!

5. Twin rabbit in the cup. This legendary video of two bunnies in paper cups ranked as one of the most watched in Japan this year.

6. Singing robo-girl HRP-4C Miyu. As we previously reported here, the latest and improved version of the humanoid robot HRP-4C with ability of singing and dancing has been introduced on this year’s Digital Content Expo 2010 in Tokyo.

7. NUMERO photoshoot with Erika Sawajiri. Erika Sawajiri strikes back, this time in a photoshoot for the Japanese fashion magazine Numero.

8. Lalan bra commercial. Japanese YouTubers went crazy for this catchy commercial for Lalan bras by Japanese clothing manufacturer Wacoal, sung by Haigou Meiko (拝郷メイコ).

9. Boo, the world’s cutest dog. A fluffy dog named Boo, who even has his own Facebook profile, has entertained Japanese audience throughout the year.

10. Corgi Flop. The historical video of a corgi dog named Cooper, who jumped in the water for the first time to catch a ball, landed on the 10th place.

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  1. Cromely says:

    Great collection of videos. I love the variety.

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