Jan 9, 2011

Futuristic night ride on Yurikamome

View from the Yurikamome train. Photo source: http://www.vincentfollezou.com

If you are visiting Tokyo and want to see and experience something futuristic, many Tokyoites will recommend you to take a comfortable night ride on the Yurikamome Line. This train will take you on a 15 kilometer (roughly 9,3 miles) long route with excellent views along the Tokyo Bay.

Yurikamome, named after the black-headed seagull, a common denizen of Tokyo Bay and the official prefectural bird, is a fully automated, computer controlled railway system without drivers on board (AGT). It’s been running since 1995 and transports more than 160,000 passengers each day. However, it is not the first such line in Japan — this title belongs to the Port Liner in Kobe, which opened back in 1981.

The train glides through one of the most futuristic parts of the city, through a jungle of skyscrapers that are high enough to make it difficult to see the bottom or the top. The Yurikamome makes a huge 270-degree loop during travel, providing a very nice panoramic view of the city and Tokyo Bay. It also crosses the famous Rainbow Bridge and runs through the artificial island of Odaiba.

As you travel on the elevated tracks through the maze of ultra-modern high-rise, you can’t help but get the feeling — especially at night — that you just found yourself in the middle of some scene that could have come straight from Blade Runner.

For the best view from the train, seat yourself on the front seats in the first or the last car. Both ends of the train offer a great view through the large windows.

What does a ride on Yurikamome look like at night? Watch this video:

A Youtuber named cat2525jp went a step further and created a very impressive video with a mirrored effect. His cool sci-fi creation called Tokyo Sky Drive can be seen below in two versions:

Tokyo Sky Drive Version 1

Tokyo Sky Drive Version 2

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