Jan 19, 2011

Kanchu Misogi: purification festival with ice cold water

Kanchu Misogi is a traditional midwinter festival of purification that is still practiced in Japan today. The event includes a ritual called mizugori, where participants are poured with ice cold water for purification and good fortune.

To see what this looks like, watch the video below (don’t forget to turn on your speakers):

The ritual was held on the 14th of January in the city of Hikonai in Hokkaido in the middle of snow at freezing cold -5.6 degrees Celsius (21.9 degrees F). This is the 181st event that took place since the festival began here in 1831.

Dare to participate?

One response to “Kanchu Misogi: purification festival with ice cold water”

  1. I have heard about and seen on TV the water purification festival. Great video. I don`t know if I could go through with it.

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