Apr 8, 2011

A new magnitude 7.4 earthquake shakes Japan

As if it wasn’t enough already, last night at 10:34 PM local time a new strong aftershock of magnitude 7.4 hit northern Japan, centered near the coast of Miyagi prefecture. A tsunami warning was issued immediately but was lifted about an hour later.

Several cities in the area lost electricity. According to the national police agency, more than 130 people were injured and two died. A 79-year old man died from shock and a woman in her 60s was killed when power was cut to her oxygen tank.

In Tokyo, the quake was felt at level 3. Since March 11 and until now, there still hasn’t been a single day that we didn’t feel any aftershocks. Typically there are two or more every day.

Something is cooking underground lately. The same day, yesterday, a strong 6.5 earthquake hit Mexico which was felt across the whole country.

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