Necomimi: Headband with cat ears that move in response to your feelings

Japanese company Neurowear has invented cat ears on a headband that move and wiggle in response to your emotional state. By reading your brainwaves, your new body part will react just like real cat ears from a cartoon: when you’re concentrating or are excited (or getting ready to eat a chocolate donut like the woman in the video below), the ears will stand up, but when you’re relaxed or sad, they will lay down.

This fine new fashion accessory is called Necomimi which comes from a combination of Japanese words neko (cat) and mimi (ears).

Let’s take a look at this promotional video:

  • Joan Crowe

    These things are the best thing ever. It would be the best Christmas present I could get for my niece. Wish they were out now. [My Ears Go Up!] Probably too expensive. [My ears go down.]

  • janet

    i like it a lot hoping i could buy one it. plus it is so cute !!!

  • anna cremeans

    so cute i want one

  • Jinx Night8

    When does it come out? :3

  • Samantha Lesak

    when do they come out