Apr 23, 2012

Soccer ball swept away by tsunami found in Alaska

The soccer ball from a Japanese school that was found on a shore of an Alaskan island.

According to the reports, a soccer ball swept away by last year’s Japanese tsunami was found on a shore of a remote island in Alaska, more than a year later and thousands of miles away.

The ball apparently belonged to the Osabe School (Iwate Prefecture) which is located on a hill and wasn’t seriously impacted by the tsunami.

The Japanese writings on the ball are boys’ names: Yuuki, Akinori and Shunsuke.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration officials, who are working with the Japanese consulate to set up a process to return the ball, said that the soccer ball is likely the first identifiable item from the tsunami debris that could be returned to its previous owner.

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