How big is Tokyo? See it from the sky!

Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world with about 35 million people. Just how can you imagine a city of such proportions?

We found a nice 25-minute HD video by Helitech Aeroservices where they fly over central Tokyo, showing places like the bay areas near Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, skyscrapers of Shinjuku and Shibuya, the Imperial Palace, the olympic park, Ueno Park and Tokyo Sky Tree.

Even if you live here, it’s hard to imagine the size of such a megalopolis. There are tons of places where you’ll never go, simply because there’s no need. One or two-hour long train rides from one part to another are something quite normal. Despite the massive concrete jungle of Tokyo, the streets are remarkably clean and traffic is well-managed for pedestrians, bicycles, cars and public transportation. Tokyo has plenty of greenery, especially parks, some of them being so dense and natural looking it makes you think you found yourself somewhere in the forest far away from a big city.

According to the results from the recent World City Survey by TripAdvisor which surveyed 75,000 people to rank 40 key tourist cities in the world, Tokyo ranks the highest in categories for the cleanest streets, friendliest taxi drivers, best taxi services, best public transport and the safest city.

  • Jason Daly

    Tokyo amazing city, very safe and for sure in some areas you would think there was no one else around. very Cool