Feb 14, 2014

Japanese company turns udon noodles into electricity

Kagawa Prefecture on the Shikoku Island is the smallest prefecture in Japan. It’s famous for udon noodles — they have over 900 udon restaurants. With so many restaurants, a lot of excess udon gets produced as well, and it usually ends up in waste.

But a company called Chiyoda Seisakusho, industrial equipment manufacturer in Takamatsu City, has found a new way to turn this popular food to good use — generating electricity!

The company extracts bioethanol from excess noodles and processes it to produce methane gas which is burnt as fuel to drive electricity-generating turbines. They sell this electric power to the Shikoku Electric Power Company. Using about 3 tons of waste udon yearly, they expect to generate 180,000 kWh of electricity a year which is enough to power 50 households. Chiyoda also plans to start taking orders to build more noodles-to-power generation plants.

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