Sep 10, 2016

A dragon brought to life by Kentucky Fried Chicken

Twitter user @honeoyaji has discovered a novel new way of enjoying his Kentucky Fried Chicken meals, and Japanese Twittersphere is going wild. Basically, what he did is he crafted a skeleton version of King Ghidorah purely out of bones found in the fried chicken (King Ghidorah is the three-headed dragon and Godzilla’s archenemy, for those not in the know). The thing looks so realistic you’d think KFC’s chicken is in fact made of little dragons.

It took 13 buckets of fried chicken to make the creature. @honeoyaji mentions he used rubber gloves to carefully separate the meat from the bones, while family and relatives helped him eat all of that chicken. To vary the taste, they combined it with different spices, sauces and meals.

King Ghidorah is not his only sculpture made of bones. He also took up a challenge of assembling a mini version of the Tokyo Sky Tree, using even more buckets of chicken.

By trade, @honeoyaji is a maker of accessories and has also provided bone material (not KFC’s) for the latest Japanese Shin Godzilla movie.

Via Spotlight.

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