Sep 20, 2016

Japanese company invents floating bonsai trees

Remember the floating mountains in Avatar? Now you can create your own miniature Avatar-like world with floating bonsai trees. A Japanese company Hoshinchu from Kyushu has invented “Air Bonsai” — an incredible system that makes bonsai magnetically levitate and spin above a small electrified pedestal.

“This is a project launched by Hikaru Hoshi in Spring 2015. In Japanese, “Hoshinchu” means “star people.”
Our message is to value Earth through Art. Famously known to need nurture with special care, the Japanese traditional culture “bonsai” floats representing the Earth. It is time-consuming to grow and care for a bonsai, but is all worth the time because it brings joy and happiness. We pray for mankind to take great care of this star (Earth) we live on.” – via Hoshinchu web site.

The company is accepting pre-orders for do-it-yourself Air Bonsai basic kits, which are ready for transplanting your favorite plant.

The Kickstarter campaign they launched earlier this year has been a great success and they’ll start shipping pre-orders this November and December (at the time of this writing only to Japan, US and Canada).

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