Sep 11, 2016

Japanese man's childhood dream of making a giant 'Suika Bar' comes true

Suika Bar (literally “watermelon bar”) is an icy watermelon flavored popsicle that you can buy pretty much anywhere in Japan. A man who goes by the name ARuFa has decided to realize his childhood dream of making a giant version of the popular summer treat, and he documented the whole manufacturing process.

This is what a regular Suika Bar looks like.

Now, for the giant version, you need something that kind of looks like the shape of the popsicle. He decided to go with a traffic cone, just not the normal sized one. Instead, he ordered an extra large one online.

He started by cutting off the unnecessary parts (if you’re wondering about the censored eyes, it’s not because he’s doing something illegal, it’s just something he does in every photo).

He used a portable stove to soften the plastics in order to make the shape just right.

No, he didn’t suddenly turn the cone into an instrument. Here he was shaping the softened cone, and the frying pan was the right tool for the job.

The next thing to make was the stick for the bar, so he bought a wooden plank.

The bottom part of the Suika Bar needed a light green color.

To make the seeds, he used black magnets.

And here it is — the giant Suika bar, 113 times bigger than the regular one. It took him 6 hours of hard work to complete it.

Via Omocoro.

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