Sep 13, 2016

Museum dedicated to architecture models opens in Tokyo

A museum of architectural models has opened this summer in Tokyo’s Shinagawa ward. It’s called Archi-Depot and it’s Japan’s first and only museum of its kind. The “depot” part of the name makes it sound more like a warehouse than a museum, and that’s exactly what the facility looks like. This makes it quite unique — it doubles as a storage space where architectural companies can pay to rent the shelves and store their building models instead of keeping them in cramped offices, while the guests can enjoy the exhibits.

From Archi-Depot web site:

“ARCHI-DEPOT is a museum with a new concept of archiving and simultaneously displaying architectural models. We are the only museum in Japan specially dedicated to preserving and exhibiting architectural models.”

The building is huge — about 450m² of storage space, 5.2m high ceiling and over a hundred storage shelves. Visitors can see both study models and completed designs from domestically and world renowned architects.

Photos by Archi-Depot.

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