Sep 12, 2016

Unique tea bags that look like sea creatures

A fishery company Daisho Suisan from Toda City in Saitama has decided to put an end to the classic square-shaped tea bag. With a goal to get younger people more interested in tea, being a fishery company, they came up with an idea to make the tea bags shaped like sea animals.

The idea picked up quickly. Just at the time of this writing, they secured the funds for production via Makuake, a Japanese crowdfunding platform, reaching 2.5 million yen (well over their goal of 500,000 yen).

For now these are still prototypes, but they plan on making tea bags in various shapes of sea creatures such as dolphin, shark and manta ray. They’re already accepting pre-orders through a special site they set up at Ocean-teabag. The teas will include tastes like blue mallow, butterfly pea mint, Earl Grey, tropical mango and more.

Not all the bags have to be cute, though. Here’s an isopod-shaped one for tea drinkers who aren’t afraid of this kind of see-through insects from the sea, and I’ll admit this looks scary close to the real thing once it’s dipped in water.

Well, a shark that bleeds tea might just be the right thing for customers looking for a more contemporary style.

The bags will make for a very unique gift, packaged in a nicely designed box.

Photos by @ocean-teabag.

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