Oct 13, 2016

Japanese firm starts sales of compact one-man smoking rooms

What do you do when you really need a smoke break but don’t want to leave your office? You step into your personal smoking booth, of course. Tokyo-based Ryonetsu Co. has started selling prefabricated ultra-compact one-man smoking box named ES-R1 (links with more info in Japanese are here and here), designed to be easily assembled and installed in offices or anywhere else where you need a separate smoking area.

As seen in the picture, the smoking room is very narrow — the measurements are 60 cm in width, 60 cm in length and 230 cm in height. The top part is equipped with a filter and deodorant as well as special fans that prevent smoke from leaving the box. The company is selling the box at a cost of 216,000 Yen (about $2000).

Via Sankei.

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