Oct 1, 2016

Six railway operators launch English sightseeing map with tips for travel in Tokyo

This is welcome news for tourists coming to Tokyo where finding help in English can be a real challenge. Starting October 1st, English railway map for sightseeing will be distributed for free at major train stations. The A3-sized map was created by six railway operators with the goal of helping tourists reach major sightseeing spots in and around the capital.

Another useful thing — on the reverse side there¬†are instructions and notes for taking trains and searching for places like drug stores or money exchange, and they were¬†made in a way so that you can just show the pictures to the staff without trying to explain what you’re looking for. Additionally, there are instructions on how to access the airports, how to use the IC card for trains and buses, and train manners.

You can see the Tokyo Sightseeing Map with both sides here.

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